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“Der Handel” is reporting about the upcoming Ringway shop

(Der Handel, 12.11.2015)

Alnatura-Base is believed to stand on “multiple pillars”

Alnatura disappears at dm – this is something the Bickenbacher Organic-Shop suffers under. Nevertheless the last business year was successful again. The company is retaining to other business partners to provide this also in future.

Alnatura Prenzlauer Berg

Alnatura-Shop in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg: more shops will follow quickly

Since Thomas Tuchel trains the Borussia Dortmund football club, the team isn’t only playing better football. The Bundesliga club also tread new paths in issues of nutrition. A healthier food is on the menu. This includes travel catering from Alnatura. The energy bars are ordered only from the Bickenbacher producer and retailer of organic food. From that angle, the first steps in online selling was rewarding.

There isn’t the huge profit yet – a volume of 180.000 Euro in the first month. Currently there is a grew by 20 percent each month, tells CEO Prof. Dr. Götz E. Rehn on this Thursday as he refers about the last business year in Frankfurt, Main. (Cutoff date 30th of September)

Upcoming 3D-Look in the webshop

The company understands the digital world as an independent sales channel, not as an extended local store. “We will going on new paths” tells Rehn. So there will be an advertising presence with a product-view in 3D together with a 3D-store. The e-commerce business is ply together the the online retailer Gourmondo.

Alnatura is trying to reinvent themselves – unavoidably. “If there are cuts, a jolt runs through a company” Rehn said to the “Handeslblatt”. This cut is the progressive retreat from the long-term partner dm-drugstore, which will launch an own organic-label in future.

“Alnatura made on third of the volume through dm”, said Rehn. It’s murmured that this could be even higher. Rehn could not say how many products still are in the dm-shelfs. He estimates a count about 600.


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