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Jul 12, 2016 / by admin / In Allgemein / Leave a comment

The first test with ‚real‘ customers

Alnatura shown the 3D-Shop-beta to selected customers. The Test was annouced via Alnaturas Alnatura Facebook. Many interested customers responded to the announcement, spent time in the shop, gone shopping and took the trouble to fill out a survey.
We’ve received many important hints and suggestions.

Particulary pleased us that almost 80 % of the testers stated that the product design is very good. Also 80 % approve that it is very easy and intuitve to navigate trough the shop.

More than 60 % stated that they will (not would) go shopping as soon as the shop is live, although not all of the testers are online users.

Overall the results were very good and we really looking forwart for the launch of the Alnatura 3D-Shop.

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