4 steps to your ringway

1. Scans

Because we are in a 3D environment you need 3D models of your products. The benefits of 3D models in comparison to other images such as fotos is the realistic illustration and the possibility to turn them around - 360 degree. Your clients will be able to read all informations on the package and clearly get a feeling for surfaces and textures. This creates the feeling to hold your product in your hand. If you don`t have 3D scans already, we offer to provide scans of your products for you. Please contact us for more information and costs.

2. Interior

Now you need the interior of your shop. We provide a library with all kinds of different types of stands, different floors and wall textures, price tags and decoration. You could choose, what ever you like for the look of your shop - for free. If you want your own design, new stands or what ever decoration, we need either 3D models of your idea or we could build the 3D interior for you. In this case we just need design directions or fotos of your vision.

3. CUstomize your shop

We provide for all our ringway costumers a tool – called „the shop manager“- to customize your shop. With this tool you will be able to easily put your products in the stands, pick wall colours, shelves, floors, videos, animations e.g.. This is an uncomplicated and quick way to create your ringway yourself. Later on you can easliy change the order of shelves, the presentation of products within seconds. Of course, we offer to costumize your shop for you, if you want to.

4. Interface to checkout

In order to have your recent webshop and the 3D ringway combined in one check out- and shopping basket- the 3D shop needs to be connected to your checkout interface. We have specification for all commen shop systems and will provide those for your IT team.


Some clients think, that a ringway 3D shop is almost unaffordable- but this is not the case at all! We have some set up cost starting from 5.000 €, depending if you need 3D scans, 3D furniture or wish to have some „extras" like animations e.g. The moment the shop is running, you`ll pay a fee for using our software, that is connected to your sales.