Nov 6, 2015 / by admin


Why did previous concepts not work out?

Building 3D webshops has been tried several times before. However, they have never been successful. Why should things be different with this one?


Technical aspects

The design software has become extremely good in the meantime. Ringway has been developed using Unity, the most frequently used 3D-Game-Engine. It has been drastically improved in the past years and offers a high quantity of development options.

The hardware was not mature. Ringway requires certain hardware resources. They are now integrated in many devices. Several years ago, it was impossible to develop a 3D shop with sophisticated design elements for a broad consumer base or it would have been run on very few end-user devices only.

The Internet was too slow. Ringway downloads a lot of Cloud data. It has only been recently that these offers have become economically attractive. At the same time, extremely many clients now have sufficiently fast Internet connections.

Tablet devices were not widespread. Ringway is primarily used on tablet computers. They have become extremely widespread.

E-commerce was not as common as now. Ringway builds upon existing user behavior. E-commerce affinity has reached a relevant mass and continues to grow. At the same time users start to be saturated. Their desire for new things will result in strong interest.
Ringway is built on the edge of technology.


On which platforms does Ringway run?

In addition to the above considerations, Ringway is aimed at users having fun, being part of an adventure. Therefore, we assume that it will be frequently used on tablet devices. The focus in programming has been – and will be – on making sure that besides PCs Ringway also runs smoothly on current tablet computers. Furthermore, Ringway can also run on game consoles. A smartphone concept is under development.


How is Ringway operated, how do cost control and web analytics work?

Simultaneously with the front-end program, the “shop manager” has been developed which can be used to design, fill and maintain the shop. Shelfs and products can be added and edited easily using our “shop manager”. In the future, tracking and analysis tools to evaluate user behavior will be developed, and the possibility to carry out A-B and multivariate tests will be created. That will allow efficient cost controlling. Ringway can be connected directly to shop or ERP databases.