Nov 6, 2015 / by admin

Why Ringway?

Ringway combines the benefits of offline shops, online shops and 3D technology.


Where do webshops stand today?

Webshops today are broadly similar, most of them lack unique features. 
The six leading e-commerce platforms in Germany differs not significantly from each other. Only in ther logos and colors. In addition, the principle of how the products are presented (vertical alignment) has not changed over the years of the presence of webshops.

Frequently, the price is usually one of the most decisive factor for clients; whether they buy a product from seller A or B does often not matter to them.
Furthermore, many users have become used to a very target-oriented purchasing behavior. Webshops have to make sure that users can find their products fast and easily. In addition, current portals hardly give webshop operators the opportunity to create atmosphere, entertain users, and surprise them. As a consequence, werbshops frequently are not perceived as pleasant or entertaining. That is why users usually spend little time on such portals. These short stays on their webshops make it difficult for operators to transmit brand messages going beyond the products.


Benefits of online shop

Surely one of the most important benefits of online shops is the general convenience of online shopping. But there are also the advantages of intelligent search and filter options of online shops that leads to quick results, additional information and choices, the aspects of tracking clients moves and creating individual offers and the longtale of product availability.

What can stationary retailers do better?

When comparing the purchasing behavior of users in online shops with the purchasing behavior of clients in stationary shops, it is evident that relatively few spontaneous purchases are made in online shops. With good product placement as well as environment and shelf design, stationary retailers have the opportunity to generate additional sales. In addition, they can use music and advertising elements differently. Webshop operators try to improve the rate of spontaneous and additional sales with increasingly refined methods, but due to above-mentioned shopping behavior they quickly come up against the limits of such approaches.

Many users find a website, search for a product, find it, buy it and leave the website again. Whereas clients of stationary shops tend to be more inspired by their surrounding and describe shopping more as an adventure and inspiration.
Benefits of stationary retailers

The real-world benefit is a shopping environment that clients are used to, creating shopping incentives by means of product alignment and prompting spontaneous purchases. As is the case in real-world shops, users find products at fixed spots. At the same time the environment is easily customizable. This can create familiarity with the environment and increase attachment to the shop and brand.

Ringway combines the benefits of offline, online and 3D

With our shopping format we are targeting aforementioned topics and challenges. We offer clients a 3D environment that is easier to use and in which the benefits of real-world shopping and traditional online shops are combined with the opportunities of 3D games.

The design opportunities of virtual shops (animated objects, moving images, sound, interactive elements, possibility to add atmosphere to scenes, tell a story, even combine it with virtual reality glasses) give webshop operators almost boundless freedom in designing the shop environment and getting users involved in their shopping experience. This gives shopping an event and gaming character.

By combining well-understood behavioral patterns from real-world shops with the customizing and design options of this 3D shop, strong customer attachment can be achieved. At the same time, webshop operators have the space and time to get their messages to consumers.